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Now it is popular jewels in UK and France is the new brand Tresor Paris Jewels. Now Tresor Paris Bracelet or Tresor Paris Necklace worn by many international celebrities such as..... JLS,  The Saturdays, Christine Bleakley, Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussycat Dolls. Also worn by top Premiership Footballers.... Ashley Cole and Didier Drogba. 

Tresor Paris Bracelet -- The Love Sphere Collection Sparkle!!! Czech crystals, assembled together exquisitely.

tresor paris jewels collection

2 rows Tresor Paris Jewels Bracelet

Master your fears with a sparkle! A Tresor Paris style bracelet from the stunning Tresor Paris collection will give you the million dollar look you deserve. Now DoodaJewelry can wholesale Tresor Paris Bracelets for you at competitive price on our online store: http://www.doodacharms.com/wholesale_205_Silver_Shambhala_Jewels_Ladies_Inspired_Bracelets.html  .

Magnificently hand finished, sparkling spheres. Made with a variety of precious and semi precious materials, fabrics and amalgamated with the finest Czech crystals, assembled together exquisitely.

The Tresor Paris Collection symbolizes Love, Health and Beauty.

tresor paris style bracelet

- Measures: 235mm opened

- Measures: 160mm closed

- Crystal Sphere 10mm

-  9 White Sparkling Sphere Crystals, 2 Hematite & 2 Small Hematite Balls


.... Rochelle from The Saturdays wearing Tresor Paris

Now we supply 100+ Tresor Paris Jewels for you, pls look at some photos of this Tresor Paris Bracelets as the following

tresor paris bracelet for woman

------ 9 Czech Crystal Ladies Tresor Paris Bracelet with Hematite Beads

men tresor paris bracelet

------11 Czech Crystal Men Tresor Paris Bracelet with Hematite 

If you need to get more Tresor Paris Jewels pls feel free to contact us our email: sales@doodajewelry.com .

tresor paris bracelets wholesale