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DoodaJewelry Manufacture & Wholesaler based in Yiwu, China. We produce original designs as - handmade shamballa style jewelry bracelet, fashion friendship jewelry, hip hop shamballa bracelet replica, sterling silver jewelry, tresor paris bracelet, nialaya inspired bracelet, stone bead jewelry, fresh water pearl nature jewelry and more.

Shamballa was originally a legend of hidden kingdom that is mentioned in various ancient texts. Shamballa gradually came to be seen as a pure land, a fabulous kingdom whose reality is visionary or spiritual as much as physical or geographic. Today, Shamballa is regarded as a place of "peace, tranquility, and happiness". Some Tibetan medical texts those are believed to have come from this kingdom of Samballa describing human anatomy and physiology, sophisticated theories and methods of diagnosis, and ways to prevent and cure serious diseases. It is also said that Shamballa is the dharma chakra, located in the heart of all living beings. It is the symbol for the mind, completing the trinity of body, speech, and mind.

Shamballa bracelets, also known as Shambhala or Sambhala, and under many other names, have reignited the ball bead bracelet fashion. DOODACHARMS JEWELRY helps our customers connect with the celebrities by following their every hip hop fashion move. Hot rap and hip hop artists Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, TI, P Diddy, Dr. Dre, Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, Xzibit, and many more have been gracing the covers of magazines and music videos with these Buddhist disco ball bracelets as seen in this category. So what are these Nialaya inspired bracelets about?

shamballa bracelets

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Over the past year, huge rap and hip hop artists have been walking around the world with these Buddhist inspired shamballa bracelets and necklaces. Then there are many fans follow their idols and Shamballa bracelets and necklaces are become trends. First Shamballa jewelries are made from hematite and some metal, but many designers apply this Buddhist bracelet and necklace to become more fashionable by using gemstone, disco beads ball, and diamond with these jewelries. Shamballa bracelet or necklace has a greater meaning more than just chains or string that inspired from meditation and Buddhist history. They has individual meaning depend on the colors, shapes, and styles of each ball bead. Such as beads within some necklaces are made from semi-precious stones that may offer healing properties while combined with others. It is no wonder that many of today¡¯s hip hop celebrities also wear these shamballa necklaces and bracelets for their own purposes more than fashion.

men shamballa buddhist bracelet

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Incidentally, Nialaya inspired Shambhala disco ball bracelets have more meaning than just a bracelet inspired by meditation and traditions of Buddhist culture. Depending on the style, color, and shape, each bracelet has built in individual meanings. With that said, many of today¡¯s celebrities wear these bracelets for their own beliefs.

Our Nialaya shamballa inspired bracelets that can be seen to be worn by celebrities that aren¡¯t in the hip hop scene such as basketball all-stars, Michael Jordan and Lamar Odom. The disco ball bead bracelets aren¡¯t limited to gender either as Heidi Klum, Keri Hilson, and Beyonce have also worn these spiritual shambala bracelets.

DoodaJewelry Wholesale Shambhala bracelets are made from nylon string featuring a traditional macrame manual toggle locking mechanism. There¡¯s no better time to get in touch with hip hop fashion and your inner self than with Shamballa bracelets.

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