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painted Murano glass beading pure 925 sterling silver single core beads

31 March, 2011

If you have been on the interstate or any road you have probably noticed that the painted stripes light up when your automobile lights hit them. This is because the lines are made with reflective paint or reflective thermoplastic. To make the lines reflective glass beads are distributed on top of wet paint or hot thermoplastic. When light hits them they reflect back a portion of that light to the source.


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Fluorescen paint is designed to be clearly visible not only  ambient light, but also specially when without headlights due to dark enviromental background. During the day the paint is just common, but not bright enough to be excessively charming.

Important feature of the light of fluorescent glass beads: It is made by high grade Italian environmentally friendly murano glass with fluorescent powder. Its lighteness depend on the light power with the glass beads. The beads always absorb the power from nature light and heat energy around, and it always release a little. When it in dark, you will have deep impress. The light will be weak, if the beads always in dark several days, but it will repower when you put it in sunlight or side of chimney place after while. It is specially bright and charming when you move it to dark.