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Shamballa bracelets with Swarovski crystals beads are the absolute trend 2012

28 July, 2012  

Each pave swarovski crystal beads shamballa bracelet With Hematite beads is variable in length adjustable - made by high skilled worker ​​with exquisite craftsmanship, combined with top quality , the strap is attached with a sophisticated technology was in its design of the Buddhist philosophy that inspires. The bracelet can be worn with the lacing adjustable from 18 to 22cm. it is all handmade weave. Quality is excellent and I am sure you will be satisfied. ALL pictures are 100% legitimate and the way the bracelets in the pictures look is the way your merchandise will look. I ASSURE YOU!

pave swarovski crystal beads shamballa bracelet

With our hand-woven Shamballa bracelets especially high quality stones and elements are processed. So you can look forward to a long life and thus have much joy with her ​​new eye-catching. 

Originally Jewelry comes from Tibet. There you are under the name Shamballa sold. And in this region as a bracelet as far more than just a band is seen. Inspired by the traditions of meditation and the Buddhist culture is, a Shamballa bracelet there be a real lucky charm.

Tresor paris of Pave Crystal Child Bracelets

Shamballa is the new trend in Hollywood to make date with the stars and starlets on the red carpet sensation. Shamballa means in Hinduism protection zone - and in fact said to have the bracelet in elaborate macrame weaving all sorts of mystical powers Sun. It aims to increase the life energy to promote healing of the inner and open hidden reserves of strength. In short, just a real lucky charm!