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Murano Lampwork Glass Bead Galleries

01 August, 2011

Murano Lampwork glass beads are hand crafted and created from the best Murano glass. Our selection is extravagant and colorful with swirls, stripes , flowers and polka dots.

These beads are almost unbreakable simply because every bead is constructed under high heat, for that reason, it is very long lasting for every day wear. Mix these bright colored Murano glass beads with regular Pandora sytle silve or gold beads, your necklace and bracelet is definitely the talk in the party.

How Lampwork Beads are Made? To create glass beads, lampworkers melt narrow rods of glass with the flame of a torch. The molten glass is wound around a mandrel, a thin length of stainless steel. The space occupied by the mandrel becomes a hole through the bead when the bed is slipped away. Turning the mandrel and holding it in different positions allows gravity to help the bead take form, but tools are also used to push and pull glass beads into shape. Lampworking is a skill that takes a great deal of practice and patience. A lampwork bead artist understands the glass and the torch, and must learn how much heat it takes for glass to flow, how much heat can be applied to a bead that’s already shaped before it becomes molten again and loses shape, when to add decorative elements and how different colors of glass interact with each other. Now we can supply some murano lampwork glass beads fit on pandora, chamilia, lovelinks, biagi etc branded bracelet or necklace.

Dark Blue Cat Eye Lampwork Glass Beads with alloy double core fit Pandora Chamilia Bracelet 2011 new lampwork glass beads, pandora jewelry beads Environmental Lampwork Glass Pandora Style Rope Beads YINGYANG color handmade Lampwork Glass Drops in Gold Rainbow Colors  Silver Lampwork Murano Glass European brand colorful DOTS Beads  pink lover lampwork glass flower beads with Crystal Environmental lampwork glass footprint childhood charming Wholesale Bulk Lampwork Glass Big Hole Beads

Some of the most recent glass beads are included in the Lampwork Bead Galleries, lots more vibrant beads to come......