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Got the attitude? Hoop earrings -love them!

09 April, 2011

Today's fashion has undoubtedly fallen head over heels in love again with all things retro. From worn leather boots to big hoop earrings, you can't go wrong with this season of over-the-top looks.

This has all good reasons to boot. The glamor look of hoop earrings, for one, has a timeless appeal. And it is versatile. You can put on a pair of your favorite hoops with shirt-and-jeans or even wedding and evening formals -it's a perfect staple day in and day out.

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So, for those who want to go all out retro with these, here are a few tips to start with:

Bigger hoop earrings tend to be uncomfortable.
So, for everyday looks, its always safe to choose smaller, more discreet styles.
Hoop earrings always bring lots of attention to your face. Experts tell us hoops look best for oval faces. But, really, it can work great too on most face shapes and skin tones.
It is best to wear a pair of hoop earrings with your hair out. It can easily give you a livelier yet subtly bold and beautiful look.
Pick up a bangle bracelet or two to finish off the look with that perfect retro style glamor.
Head turning hoop earrings are about attitude.
If you got it, by all means flaunt it! Oh, don’t forget, hoops on bare neckline looks sexier.
Lastly, just wear these earrings with a lot of attitude. Have fun!