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2012 Hottest Ribbon Stella & Dot Casablanca Bib Necklace

20 September, 2012   

Bib Necklace are so hot right now. Most bib necklaces follow a theme of small or medium beads around the outer parts of the necklace than a large bead or beads to follow the same pattern at the end.  It allows the necklaces and beads to taper to your natural neckline and brings forth a whole new dimension in jewelry wear.they add a pop of color to just about anything you're wearing.

We are fans of this new Stella & Dot Casablanca Bib Necklace trend, and with the fall coming soon now is a great time to start playing your wardrobe to get a head start above everyone else. 

Stella & Dot Casablanca Bib Necklace:

Stella & Dot  Casablanca Bib Necklace

Wholesale fashion Stella & Dot Casablanca bib necklace, A perfect combination of wood, glass, and ribbon in hues of coffee and ivory. An unexpected combination of wooden discs and faceted coffee glass stones.

·                                 As seen on stars of TV

·                                 Silk ribbon tie closure for adjustable length.

·                                 Approximately 18 1/2" of ribbon on each side, wood section 7 1/2" length.

·                                 Material: alloy, wood beads, crystal, glass stone, ribbon.

 Ribbon Stella & Dot  Casablanca Bib Necklace

Their entire fall collection will have you jumping ahead with your fall essentials for your wardrobe closet.

 Ribbon Stella & Dot Casablanca Bib Necklaces.  They lay beautifully against the nape of one’s neck and they make any outfit seem much more glamorous than it really is.  They tend to work best with simple shirts and dresses so that they don’t compete with your outfit.  They come in all styles and materials, bold & subtle.  Here are some that caught our eye

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Fashion Bubble Bib Statement necklace

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